Vercesi Hardware to close

An old-time neighborhood standby, Vercesi Hardware is closing at the end of November. The history of the store which was opened by Paul Vercesi as a sheet music store in 1912 can be seen at

The store became known as 23rd Street Hardware after the owner retired several years ago. 23st_hw-noteThe building was sold, will be demolished and turned into yet another luxury high-rise.

We have discovered that the The Xavier Society for the Blind in the adjoining building will be relocating and that building will be knocked down as well.

It is odd that every politico that has jurisdiction over EMP stopped us from going private in the name of ‘Affordable Housing’ yet they let thousands of 5-6 story building that people can afford to live in be knocked down by wealthy developers to be replaced by expensive condos. Why is it that EMP’s 750 apartments are the only answer to affordable housing? How about standing up to rich developers?




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