Cascabel Taqueria in old Carvel space

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Cascabel Taqueria wants to lease the old Carvel store. They would want to put seating in the public space.

First of all, Hooray to the board for finally finding a tenant for this store. The rental income will benefit all of us here at EMP. Also, having a nice restaurant with outdoor seating would enhance the neighborhood and be a place people at EMP could enjoy. Having people dining there would probably keep away the hoards of pigeons and loud bums that hang out there now!

Apparently, there are already some obstructionists who are trying to stop Cascabel from succeeding with a flyer asking you to attempt to syop thenm form getting a liquor license which of course, a restaurant, particularly a Mexican restaurant has to have to succeed. Thsi flyer says that Cascabel features bottomless cocktails. That is not true-They only offer unlimited drinks on their weekend brunch menu and that’s with a 60 minute time limit! Really-How many Margaritas can a person drink in 60 minutes?

I have a friend who lives directly across Second Avenue on the 2nd floor from the Upper East Side Cascabel. It is not noisy at all and a fun, very tasty and lovely restaurant.




Lyric Diner Redux

After a brief stint as an over-priced Greek restaurant, the storefront at 22nd Street and 3rd Avenue has been restored to the Lyric Diner. Welcome back and we hope the meat loaf is as good as it always was. Take note restauranteurs; You can’t price your food at whatever you want, it has to have some relationship to the value of what you’re offering and your location.


23rd Street Express Chinese Restaurant Vanishes

The 23rd Street Express chinese take-out restaurant on 23rd Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenue is gone and has been replaced by Rats! Hopefully, the rats came AFTER the restaurant closed. Maybe if the building owner cleaned up the garbage that’s been lying outside for months now, they wouldn’t have a rat problem! It appears that this building and the one next to have been deserted, Undoubtedly, we will soon have one more faceless, bland luxury high-rise blighting the neighborhood and be losing more ‘affordable housing’! Isn’t there a community board? Is there any such thing as city planning? It seems Real Estate Developers and the resultant banks and drug stores are all that’s going to be left. Any old time stores are rapidly disappearing along with the favor that makes NEW YORK CITY!

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