NYU meeting on Plaza April 28

We hope NYU is paying us a lot of money to have this event in our plaza. Their sound system is too loud and boomy for a Saturday morning. Let’s not allow this next year unless they are paying us a LOT of money or letting us use their auditorium for free for our annual meeting. In any case, they need to turn the volume down!

Elevator Renovation

According to the March 20 Board minutes, the Board has approved ‘chain mail stainless steel panels’ for the elevators. Does anyone know what these look like? They sound like something you might see in low-income housing projects.

Kips Bay Plaza Update April 27

We have it on good authority that a lease has been signed by Fairway, not Whole Foods for the former Borders and Crunch spaces. We are very excited that we will have a fantastic food store only 6 blocks away. We are also happy that it is Fairway as Fairway is far more affordable than ‘Whole Paycheck‘.


Pigeons Update April 27

EMP has a sudden and serious pigeon problem. We suspect that they were living (and crapping) in the sidewalk bridging. Now that most of the bridging has been removed, they have been displaced. Many co-operators in the G Building have reported that there are diseased pigeon droppings all over the walls of their terrace; Where they have never seen pigeons before they now have daily visitors . It is time for the Board to call in a bird/pest control company.

Breaking News! Whole Foods coming to Kips Bay.

We have it from a reliable source that Whole Foods will be opening a store on 2nd Avenue in the 30’s probably in the old Borders or Office Depot spaces.

Updated 4/13/2012; The Crunch Gym has closed and moved leading us to speculate that the Whole Foods will incorporate the old Borders space and theĀ  large basement section formally the Crunch workout space.