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The brilliance of the Mitchell-Lama program-Why buildings need to go private

This wasn’t mentioned by any of the respondents in the Privatization case. I hope that maybe the Court of Appeals judges will read it.

I don’t get why the people who support Mitchell-Lama, the politicians who are crying to save affordable housing and those in the EMP-MLO support part of the Mitchell-Lama program but not it’s true intent. The reason that buildings are allowed to leave the program after 20 years is because the framers of the Mitchell-Lama program understood that a multi-unit dwelling will start to need expensive repairs later in it’s life. Local Law 11 work, roof replacement, window replacement, pipes, boilers, concrete work, etc. are only a small part of it. Buildings are allowed to leave the program so that funds can be made available for these repairs. Without these funds, the buildings will crumble into the ground like what is happening to Co-Op city in the Bronx.

The 2nd part of this brilliant strategy is that the State and Local government is supposed to use the funds generated provided by a Mitchell-Lama building exiting the program (from the pre-payment of the mortgage) to build more Mitchell-Lama housing. This has never happened.

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Lyric Diner closes

Our favorite local diner, the Lyric Diner (3rd Avenue and 22 Street) closes. The signs say ‘Closed for Renovation’ but  they have been up for months with no work being performed. We will surely miss the Meat Loaf plate.


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East Midtown Plaza Privatization Case to be heard by Court of Appeals Oct 10 2012

Our case is being heard before the Court of Appeals, the highest court in NYS, on Wednesday, October 10th at the courthouse on 27th Street and Madison Avenue.

We are the second case on the docket- the session begins at 10 am.
We expect a verdict by the end of the year or very early in 2013.

Another Duane Reade coming at 23rd Street and 2nd Ave

The neighborhood has been crying out for another chain drug store in the ‘hood. And we are getting one! There is a new Duane Reade under construction at the Southeast corner of 2nd Avenue and 23rd Street in the Tempo Building. This is in addition to the Duane Reade’s on 23rd Street & 3rd Ave, 23rd Street & Lexington Ave and 26th Street and 2nd Avenue. It also adds to the CVS down the block and the brand new drug store on 23rd Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. Is there a trend here? Based on the number of long-time empty storefronts around town and the proliferation of drug stores and bank branches, it seems only the banks and drugs can afford the rents. Maybe it’s because now that Walgreens, CVS and D/R have pushed out all the mom & pop drug stores, they can charge ridiculous prices for everything; A bottle of shampoo that used to be $3 is now $6. A small bottle of bottled tap water is now $2. The cheapest sunscreen is $12 for a small tube. We prefer shopping for our Health & Beauty items at Target in Harlem or by the new Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn where you can buy these items for 1/2 the price. It’s unfortunate that all the things that made New York City unique are disappearing

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