Let’s vote again

In 2 separate elections, a very large minority (2/3 of the apartments less 1) has mandated the board to pursue privatization. the 1/3 includes empty apartments and presumed illegal sublets thus leaving way a very small minority who are opposed to privatization. The Mitchell Lama program cleverly gives us the right to leave the program.The reason buildings were allowed to leave ML is because the framers of the ML law realized that after decades, these building will need expensive repairs.

The harsh reality is the state and city governments are facing budget crises. There is not going to be the public monies to help us pay for repairs that the politicians who came to the anti’s aid promised. In order to make needed repairs (plaza reconstruction, elevator modernization, garage, plumbing, etc.) that we have put off way too long, major assessments will be required. The plaza alone could result in a $500 – $1,000 monthly assessment on top of the current window assessment. Going private would pay for these repairs.

I say let’s vote again. A new Black Book would only need to be modified, not re-done from scratch.



Privatization bid rejected by NY Court of Appeals

In a 6-0 decision the NYS Court of Appeals ruled against EMP in it’s bid for privatization. The court ruled that:

  1. The privatization vote must be by apartments, and
  2. The Attorney General has the right to use the Martin Act for privatization issues.


East Midtown Plaza Elections and Annual Meeting

There will be 3 vacant seats on the EMP Board of Directors.  If you wish to run, nominating petitions are due by November 30 at 5pm. See the flyers posted for additional details.

Mon. Dec. 17, 7pm; Candidates Night. H Community room.
Tues. Dec. 18, 8pm; Annual Meeting. NYC Dental School Auditorium.
Wed. Dec 19, 1pm-9pm. Elections. H Community Room.


Area Hospitals after Hurricane Sandy

It is almost 3 weeks since Hurricane Sandy hit and the VA Medical Center is still dark (see photo)!  Their web site gives no date for re-opening  http://www.nyharbor.va.gov/

We have heard that NYU Medical Center will be closed for a year!

We hear that Bellevue is also closed and that Beth Israel is inundated.



EMP Holiday Fund

Please give generously to the EMP Holiday fund. This is a way of rewarding all the EMP employees who worked so hard for us during Hurricane Sandy. Checks made payable to East Midtown Plaza must be dropped off in the Management Office before Dec. 14.