New Elevator Cars

The newly refurbished elevator car’s look great! Nice work Board. We just hope that the renovations are mechanical as well as cosmetic. The elevator’s in the G Building have been awful the last few months. The middle car was out of service for several weeks as part after part needed to be ordered. We also hope that we have changed the service company that maintains our elevators. The one who was doing it was clearly not capable or didn’t care to keep our elevators running!car2 car3

East 25th St Sanitation Garage Public Comment Period EXTENDED

I received the following e-mail from Community Board 6 and, as they suggested, I sent comments to the City Planner that they listed at the end of the letter. Others that are concerned about having a sanitation garage across the street may wish to send their own comments.

Dear Neighbor,

Yesterday the Department of Sanitation announced that the Public Comment Period on the Draft Scoping Document for THE DRAFT ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STATEMENT (CEQR# 13-DOS-007M) for the Proposed DSNY Manhattan Districts 6/6A/8 Garage and Manhattan Borough Office, at 425 East 25th Street, Borough of Manhattan, has been extended from July 24, 2013 to August 14, 2013.  A copy of the DEIS is available at
As you may already be aware our board has issued a negative resolution on the citing of this proposed garage and urge further comments on the proposal from the community at large.
Please submit your comments, if you have not already done so, to:
Abas O. Braimah, City Planner
DSNY Bureau of Legal Affairs
125 Worth Street, Room 708
New York, NY 10013
Thank you to everyone who has participated in this important issue already.
Sandro Sherrod