ICD Building to be torn down

We have heard unsubstantiated rumors that the 6 story ICD building on 24th Street between 1st Avenue and the dead end will be torn down and a 22 or 26 story dorm for NYU Dental School school students will be built in it’s place. This building will block the windows for many F building residents who face north-west. It also means that G Building resident will have a huge dusty construction project 100 feet from their front door and many who are in the F-Line or G-Line will lose their views from their living room windows or terraces.

We hope that at least this project will coincide with our plaza renovation. It would be tragic if the ICD construction doesn’t happen until after the plaza renovation and we have 5-7 years of concrete demolition, building demolition, rats, dust, dirt and noise!

Does anyone else think that maybe it’s time to slow down development in Manhattan or at least plan it more carefully?icd-building