2013 EMP Election Independent Analysis

Once again the ‘Pro’ Candidates win in a landslide. The ‘PRO’ candidates got 1,099 (74.4%) vs. 379 (25.6%) for ‘ANTI’ candidates (see following post for detailed results).

It would appear that this is a strong mandate for our newly minted Board to re-open the pursuit of privatization!

Jeanne Poindexter, the figurehead/spokesperson for the ANTI’s got 145 votes, lower than her average of 179 the last 6 times she has ran since 2006 and way below her high of 261 in 2006.

Great showing by newcomer Mala Mosher with 300 votes. Since 2005, the highest number of votes for any candidate was for Alan Rosof in 2008 with 373 followed closely by Jerry Fox, also in 2008 with 372.

2013 EMP Election Results (Unofficial)

Election of the Board of Directors (5):
Mala Mosher 300
Steven Goldstein 285
Janice Kabel 273
Mark Andermanis 270
Larry Weiner 271
Jeanne Poindexter 145
Aaron Olivo 125
Helen Krackow 135
Vincent DeMarco 109

First Sale Capital Assessment
For 273
Against 132

Total Proxies: 264
Machine Votes: 159