EMP Bike Rooms to be re-done

The EMP bike rooms will be re-painted and renovated. It’s definitely overdue. The increase from $25 to $60/year is a bit steep. Encouraging use of bikes and green transportation should be encouraged! Although, we suppose the increase will encourage people to get rid of their old broken-down bikes that haven’t been used in 10 years!

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23rd Street Express Chinese Restaurant Vanishes

The 23rd Street Express chinese take-out restaurant on 23rd Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenue is gone and has been replaced by Rats! Hopefully, the rats came AFTER the restaurant closed. Maybe if the building owner cleaned up the garbage that’s been lying outside for months now, they wouldn’t have a rat problem! It appears that this building and the one next to have been deserted, Undoubtedly, we will soon have one more faceless, bland luxury high-rise blighting the neighborhood and be losing more ‘affordable housing’! Isn’t there a community board? Is there any such thing as city planning? It seems Real Estate Developers and the resultant banks and drug stores are all that’s going to be left. Any old time stores are rapidly disappearing along with the favor that makes NEW YORK CITY!

23express-1  23express-323express-2