2013 EMP Election Results (Unofficial)

Election of the Board of Directors (5):
Mala Mosher 300
Steven Goldstein 285
Janice Kabel 273
Mark Andermanis 270
Larry Weiner 271
Jeanne Poindexter 145
Aaron Olivo 125
Helen Krackow 135
Vincent DeMarco 109

First Sale Capital Assessment
For 273
Against 132

Total Proxies: 264
Machine Votes: 159


EMPTCA Recommendations for December 2013 Vote

Email from EMP Tenant-Cooperator Association 12/1/2013

Dear EMP neighbor:

As we have every year, we will soon mail you a proxy . . . along with recommendations, instructions and an envelope for you to mail the proxy back to EMP. If you are away and would like us to email a proxy to you, please let us know.

Here’s a summary of the info you’ll receive:


 We have an exceptional Board of Directors:

  •  EMP is safe, secure and well-maintained.
  • We have new windows, new elevators and much, much more.
  • Roof replacement and plaza reconstruction programs are underway.
  • 10 of our 11 stores are rented — at very good rents.
  • If we attempt to go private again, these Board members will support it.

                  We urge you to re-elect ALL FIVE

  • Mark Andermanis
  • Steven Goldstein
  • Janice Kabel
  • Mala Mosher
  • Larry Weiner

One other issue: Vote FOR the resolution to increase the purchase price of our apartments. The increase will pay for major projects and help keep our maintenance low. This charge will only affect people buying new apartments.

Vote FOR the resolution. It’s really good for EMP.

 The 300+ members of the East Midtown Plaza Tenant-Cooperator Association

Questions or comments? Email emptca@aol.com

EMP First Sale Capital Assessment

The Board is floating a proposed First Sale Capital Assessment. We don’t see any downside to this but also don’t see how it will help pay for the major improvements EMP needs in the near-term.

There will be informational meetings on Tuesday, November 13 and Wednesday, November 20 at 7:30pm in the H Community Room.

Undoubtedly, the obstructionists will oppose this just because…


Lyric Diner Redux

After a brief stint as an over-priced Greek restaurant, the storefront at 22nd Street and 3rd Avenue has been restored to the Lyric Diner. Welcome back and we hope the meat loaf is as good as it always was. Take note restauranteurs; You can’t price your food at whatever you want, it has to have some relationship to the value of what you’re offering and your location.